Black Moustache solitude of the mind: 1.


pondelok 11. júla 2016


I had an epiphany; an experience of sudden realization - this page. Being an insomniac has the benefit of gaining insight into my own mind since all I do is think about the significance of my life whilst being in bed. I despise digging into the past but I still remember why the person writing this has vanished into the void of nothingness a few years ago. I am a different person now. I am a multidimensional being experiencing this reality, awakening to the unseen. Humans are like icebergs; only a small portion of their being can be seen on the surface. A huge unseen mass lurks below the surface much larger than what is viewed. That is the reason why I am here. I have an endless desire to guide others. Same goes to my poetry which is less rational. It is filled with sensuality, emotions and melancholy of a hopeless romantic - me. Do you still remember me? Do you remember the energy I gave you whilst you were reading my posts a few years ago? I''m here with you again. I came here to satisfy the gaps of your soul with my twisted mind, sometimes puzzling even to myself. 


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